Welcome to the CPF Insurance Trust Website

As state council to the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF), the California Professional Firefighters (CPF) proudly watches over 30,000 front line firefighters across our great state. Over the past three decades, the CPF has become the largest, most recognized and respected firefighter organization in California. By working hard on your behalf within the halls of the California Legislature, our mission is to improve the lives of all professional firefighters and to protect their families.

In 1971, the CPF formed its premier insurance benefits organization with the establishment of the CPF Insurance Trust. The seven directors of the CPF Insurance Trust are both active and retired firefighters. Of the seven Directors 3 are elected by the Delegates at the CPF Convention and 4 are appointed by the CPF Principal Officers and Executive Board. At least 1 of the Directors must be a CPF Executive Board member and at least 1 must be a retired member. The Directors serve 2 year terms and represent you, our members. The Insurance Trust engages a third party Administrator and other third parties to assist them in administering the various insurance products offered. More importantly, they represent you – our members.

Over the years, the Insurance Trust has continued to provide the best available insurance products and services to CPF members. Ultimately, our goal is to provide CPF members high quality, cost effective benefits that ensure you and your family are well protected.

Should you have any questions, contact us today. Toll Free- (888) 550-5000