Union Liability, General Liability & Property
As a Labor leader, your personal assets are at risk. Do you have the proper incurance coverage to protect you from claims made against you as a labor leader? Union Liability coverage provides protection against claims for negligent wrongful acts of both the union and officeres. General Liability provides coverage for your events and office liability. Coverage is available for business property as well.
Who is Insured?
Available to local, state, regional, national, and international organizations and those working on their behalf such as:

  • Directors
  • Officers
  • Trustees
  • Board Members
  • Employees
  • Business Agents
  • Stewards
  • Committee Members

Comprehensive Coverage
Protects the insured from negligent wrongful acts on the part of the union arising from covered claims including:

  • Errors of judgement, omissions, misstatements
  • Charges of negligence in contract negotiation, lack of fair representation, improper disciplinary action, misconduct of union elections
  • Suits alleging defamation, interference with employees’ job or rights
  • Complaints alleging discrimination, false arrest, invasion of privacy, infringement of copyright or trademark

Union Liability and FAQs

What is Union Liability Insurance?Union Liability insurance is a very broad form of coverage similar to Directors & Officers Liability and Professional Liability that covers actions that are of a judgment or fiduciary nature and that are actions generally not covered by other standard forms of insurance. It can be thought of as a malpractice policy for unions and their representatives.

As it is written on a very broad basis [by broad, we mean the basic coverage agreement is very simple and encompassing], there are quite a few exclusions. But generally speaking, the exclusions fall into one of three categories:

  • Existing known claims or complaints (you cannot purchase insurance on a burning/burned building).
  • Another form of insurance better satisfies the type of claim (i.e., Automobile, Workers Compensation, ERISA, General Liability).
  • It would/could be against public policy to insure those actions.

Who is covered by Union Liability insurance?
The Union itself and any representative of the named union is also insured.

What are some examples of Union Liability Claims?

  • The Union itself and any representative of the named union is also insured.
  • Local Union sued for wrongful termination by staff member alleging his firing was retaliatory.
  • District Council sued for failure to refer members to an employer who was delinquent on fringe fund contributions.
  • International Union sued for content of newsletter.
  • International Union sued for election violations.
  • Class action against group of International Unions for failure to represent and negligence in collective bargaining negotiations.

Will the policy pay for other legal matters such as tax preparation, traffic violations, etc.?
No. This is a Liability policy, not a Pre-Paid Legal Expense policy. Pre-Paid Legal Expense is an employee benefit.

Who should purchase the Union Liability Insurance?
Anyone who is in a position of trust should consider the coverage. If you can sign a contract, make a purchase, or service the labor agreement, you are a potential party to a conflict of interest.

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